Meeting minutes

9/12/07: The EMUS met at Transmet at 5:00.  We discussed the raffle fundraiser; tickets will be sold 9/17-28 and a winner declared 10/01.  Victoria volunteered to sell tickets Tuesdays, Laurie Thursdays, and Jessica Mondays/Wednesdays/Fridays as needed.  Victoria will distribute fliers and announce the raffle on the English grad listserve.  She also plans to advertise EMUS on the listserves of other graduate departments.  We discussed the possibility of expanding EMUS enrollment to undergraduates at some point in the future and closed the meeting after agreeing to meet again sometime in the first week of October.

10/01/07: Allison, Erin, Sonya, and Jessica met to discuss the EMUS fundraiser.  As we won't be able to hold a raffle, we agreed to hold a silent auction 10/15-10/24 to auction off three sets of research assistance at four hours each, books donated by Dr. Teague, and various baked goods.

6/13/07: Allison, Sonya, Maria, Laurie, and Jessica met and set up a schedule for the summer reading group and discussed texts for future semesters.  Please direct suggestions for the reading group to the EMUS listserve.