EMUS Silent Auction

The EMUS silent auction will begin Monday, October 15 and conclude Wednesday, October 24.  Email Jessica to place your bids.  The website will be updated with the most recent bids every evening.

New items are still being added, so please keep checking back over the next couple weeks!

Items up for auction:

Research assistants
Do you need someone to help with research (i.e. tracking down articles on a particular topic), run errands such as making copies, or maybe cover a class?  Place a bid and you could get a friendly emu to do it for you!  We're offering assistants in three blocks of four hours each.  (This item is only available to faculty and graduate students.)

Assistant #1
current bid: $35.00

Assistant #2
current bid: $25.00

Assistant #3
current bid: $40.00

Guest lecturers
Get an emu to visit your class and lecture on a topic! (Starting bids $5.00.)

Nathan Gilmour
Potential fields for lectures: Ancient Greek philosophy (especially Plato and Aristotle), Christian theology (especially Augustine, Luther, and Calvin), English Renaissance literature (especially Marlowe, Shakespeare, Herbert, and Milton), Biblical studies.  Nathan can tailor a lecture to your class's topic of study: try him on for the Old Testament and Hawthorne, Augustine and Beowulf, Aristotle and Dante, or Calvin and just about anyone! 
current bid: $5.00

David Grubbs
David is willing to pontificate on any Old English topic (Beowulf, etc.), as well as the Arthurian tradition and fantasy fiction in the early 20th century (Tolkien, MacDonald, Dunsany). 
current bid: $5.00

Katie Norman
Katie would be happy to give a guest lecture on Book 3 of The Faerie Queene.
current bid:

Erin Presley
Erin offers a lecture on contemporary appropriations of Shakespeare's plays.
current bid: $20.00

Victoria Reynolds
Victoria is willing to speak on Early Modern concepts of gender either generally or in Shakespeare/Shakespearean appropriation. 
current bid: $5.00

Jessica Walker
Jessica offers lectures in Renaissance drama and history, early modern women's writing, and literature/film adaptation.
current bid: $10.00

All books are brand-new and can be inspected in Jessica's office.  Thanks very much to Dr. Teague for the gracious donation!

The Riverside Shakespeare
current bid: $25.00

Macbeth (The Sourcebooks Shakespeare) 
current bid: $5.00

Much Ado about Nothing (The Sourcebooks Shakespeare) 
current bid: $5.00

Hamlet (The Sourcebooks Shakespeare) 
current bid: $5.00

Othello (The Sourcebooks Shakespeare) 
current bid: $7.00

The Bevington Complete Works of Shakespeare (4 volumes) 
current bid: $25.00

Baked goods

Allison Lenhardt's banana bread 
current bid: $7.00

Jessica Walker's pumpkin roll 
current bid: $20.00

Lisa Ulevich's cinnamon-chipotle brownies 
current bid: $8.00

Dr. Boudreau's trifle or tiramisu (winner's choice!)
current bid: $12.00

Laurie Norris's cupcakes
current bid: $10.00

Lisa Bolding's chocolate muffins
 current bid: $15.00

Katie Norman's peach cobbler
current bid: $7.00

Beth Beggs' baked goods
current bid: $15.00